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May - Karel Hynek Macha

Karel Hynek Macha
the first of May

Late evening, on the first of May
The twilit May the time of love.

* * * * *
* * *
In the azure vault of heaven the blanching mists are dancing,
In light dissolving zephyrs tattered,
And on the far horizon scattered
White cloudlets over the placid sky go glancing.
The grieving prisoner greets them as they race:

"You clouds, whou in your wandering course embrace
Like secret circling arm the earth her own course keeping,
You dissolutions of stars, shades in the blue of heaven,
You mourners ever to mutual sorrow given,
Who know so well the ways of silent weeping -
Bear you my charge, of all things that have birth.
Where you pass from me on your long, wide way
To the distant shore, there for a moment stay,
There, pilgrim clouds, greet reverently the earth.
Ah, well-beloved earth, beautiful earth,
My cradle and grave, the womb that gave me birth,
My sweet, sole land, left to my spirit's keeping,
Ah, vast and single of beauty as of worth! -"

* * * * *
* * *

Late evening, on the first of May-
The twilit May-the time of love-
Meltingly calls the turtle-dove:
"Hynek! Vilem! Ah, Jarmila!!!"

President Zeman to run for second term in office
. . . President Milo Zeman announced to run for a second, five-year, term in office.
. . . Observers say the president will be a tough rival with the undisputed advantage of campaigning in office.
. . . I have decided not to actively campaign in support of my bid forre-election.

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