Czech-American historian and genealogist Mila Rechcigl
The Newly Elected President of the U.S. has Czech Roots
SVU Press Release
November 5, 2008

Early this year, Czech-American historian and genealogist Mila Rechcigl predicted that whoever will be elected during the November 2008 U.S. Presidential elections, the next American President will have the Czech roots (CLICK HERE) ). With the election of Barack Obama, this has now become a reality.

Although Obama is generally considered as Afro-American, this is really a misnomer, because, scientifically, he is just as much Caucasian as he is Afro-American, his mother being a white woman from Kansas. It is after his mother that he inherited his royal blood from William I of Scotland, or William the Lion, the monarch who ruled Scotland from 1165 to 1214.

According to Rechcigl's research, King William the Lion's roots can be traced to Duke Boleslav I of Bohemia (ca 900-967), Duke Vratislav I of Bohemia (877- ca 919) and Duke Bo?ivoj I of Bohemia (ca 842-894). Furthermore, he discovered that Barack Obama has also descended from King Edward I of England (1239-1307), whose ancestry can be linked with King Vratislav II of Bohemia (ca 1035-1091), the 4th great grandson of Duke Bo?ivoj I of Bohemia and his wife Saint Ludmila.

Based on Rechcigl's research, until now, 39 out of 43 US Presidents, i.e. 90%, had royal blood, Barack Obama becoming the 40th President in this regard. This is statically highly significant.

SVU Press Release

Mila Rechcigl, SVU

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