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Changing of guards at the NY Czech Center: New Director
Iva Karolina Raisinger
Josef Schrabal
Cesky ZDE

New York, March 24: About 120 people, mostly of Czech origin came to the Czech Consulate at Madison Avenue at 83rd Street for introduction of Iva Karolina Raisinger into her new appointment as a Director of the Czech Center.
Ales Pospisil, I.K. Raisinger, Irena Kovarova, Jan Bondy

She is a Newyorker for over 20 years, educated at the Columbia University (Business School).(We will familiarize you with Ms. Raisinger's background within a few days.)

Czech Consul General Ales Pospisil together with Jan Bondy, Director of Administration of Czech Centers, expressed thanks to Irena Kovarova, who was the Acting Director of the NY Czech Center for about a year (after departure of Premysl Pela), and introduced the new director Iva Karolina Raisinger.

Thank you for your kind introduction. And thank you all for coming, said Ms. Raisinger (in English).

It's so good to see so many of the friends of the Czech Center. And it's so nice to see so many of my friends who I hope will become friends of the Czech Center.

It is a very exiting time at which to take the helm of the Czech Center. Among many, I will name just three reasons why:

Reason 1.

On May 1st, 2004 the Czech Republic will be joining the European Union. To celebrate this milestone event the European Countries and the Borough of Brooklyn will host a day of artistic performers. I am proud to say that the key performance of the evening is a Czech production with Czech, Danish-Icelandic actors. So mark your calendars for May 1.

The European Countries and Brooklyn also agreed to organize a European Art Festival for September 2006 - so get ready to start hearing @ Brooklyn EU-phosia.

Iva Karolina Raisinger, Jan Bondy, Irena Kovarova

Reason 2:

On September 2005 the Metropolitan Museum will open what they call their most important exhibit of the decade: Prague the Crown of Bohemia 1347 - 1437. It is an honor to share with you, that the Czech Center has been invited by the Metropolitan Museum to help coordinate the effort and moreover, to prepare an accompanying program.

And now reason number 3:

And this is perhaps the most exciting reason why to be a Director of the Czech Center at this time: On the fall of 2005, the Czech Center will relocate to its new home in Yorkville at East 73rd Street. The space with a cinemathegue, theatre hall, and ballroom, art gallery, library, conference rooms, gift shop and restaurant will offer many opportunities for the expansion of our programming.

However, before the move takes place, rest assured, that we will give you many a reason why to come to Madison Avenue. On top of the many cultural events on the calendar, I with my background in business intend to place new emphasis on the business segment of our programming.

Brett Stroka & his Avantguard Jazz

Now I have some important tasks;
to recognize my team:

M. Koblesova, Deputy Director
Jan Zahour, Business Coordinator
Marketa Novakova, Production
Frank Parizek, Office Manager

With us is all Czech Turism

Katerina Pavlitova, the Director
Michaela Palkova, Trav. Relations

And the last pleasant task is to present the jewel of the evening: Brett Stroka & his Avantguard Jazz.

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