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A letter to the Newyorskym listum and reply
Koecher got life sentence
Forbidden to ever enter USA again

Letter - Reply
Preklad do cestiny bude brzi

From:             "Dick Smith" 


Subject:          Koecher is no 007, he is more like Dr.No.

Date sent:        Tue, 10 Aug 1999 17:08:08 PDT


I found story about Koecher that was published in B.L. very 

interesting but a bit  inaccurate.

The  Koechers are older than stated.  Karl was  born on September 21, 1934 

in  Bratislava and moved to Prague with his parents in 1939.  He joined the 

Communist Party in 1958 and  the Czechoslovak Intelligence Service in 1962.  

In 1963, he met Hana Pardamcova (born on  January 8, 1944  in Tabor)  who 

was also member of  the Communist Party.  They  got married  few months 

later. Early in 1965, Karl and Hana were sent via Austria on their spy 

mission.  Here  they applied for entry  to USA and  arrived  to New York  on 

  December  4, 1965.   Karl started to work for Radio Free Europe in 1967 

and Hana was employed as a  laboratory assistant and later became a diamond 

appraisal  for a  firm that was dealing in precious stones.   Karl , while 

working for RFE  also studied at Columbia University and earned Ph.D.  At 

the department for Soviet studies, one of his professor was Zbiegniew 

Brzezinsky who later became an adviser to President J. Carter.  Karl  also 

worked  as an assistant professor at Wagner College.

Karl had a huge ego and spent considerable time in the intellectual circles 

of  czech émigrés.  He also new how to use his jewish heritage by joining 

YMHA (Young Men's Hebrew Association) and when he and Hana had difficulties 

obtaining US citizenship because of their membership in the Communist Party, 

  Karl engaged help of Mrs. Bella Abzug.   She was a  member of U.S.Congress 

at that time.   In 1973 he passed security test and being fluent in four 

languages, he worked as

translator  for CIA. His office was in Rosslyn, Virginia and here he came 

across  documents about  A. Ogorodnik which later led o his arrest and 

death.  Hana as a diamond trader traveled all

over the world and used this as opportunity to pass information  gathered by 

Karl to  the Czechoslovak Intelligence Service.

At his time the Koechers  were also very active in the sex clubs of N.Y. and 

Washington D.C. In the book  "Spy vs. spy ",  Ronald  Kessler writes in  

great details  about Koechers sexual activities.  Here is an example from 

the chapter "The Swinging Mole":

When asked about Koechers, the organizer of the sex parties

said: "I remember them  quite well.  I found them an interesting couple.  He 

was a professor.  She was a diamond merchant.  Strikingly beautiful.  Warm, 

sweet,ingratiating.  Incredibly orgasmic.  I went to bed with her several 

times.  But I thought Karl was a bit strange.  I thought he took some kind 

of special drug.  He was always naked at the parties. Usually people keep 

their clothes on at least some of the

time, but he was always walking around naked.  And  he always had an 


By the end of 1975 Karl got promoted and transferred to CIA office in New 

York. In 1976 he was asked by Czech Government to testify against Havel and 

other dissidents while he was  in Prague under assumed name. Someone at the 

CIS thought that he had became a double agent so  they wanted him to go 

public and accuse the dissidents for being CIA spies.  Karl declined, since 

he was not ready to give up the good life,  he and Hana had in the USA, not 

yet.  He also assured his superiors  that he is a loyal communist  and  a 

month  later,  he was decorated  by  the Czechoslovak  Government  for  ten 

years of excellent service.

CIA started to suspect Karl for "leaks" and was giving him less and less 

important assignments.  This  is the reason  why he had not have a contact 

with the Czech headquarters for three years.   About that time  Karl also 

became a regular drug user.   In 1982, he met Gunther Russbacher (future 

Reyellen husband) who was going to Czechoslovakia to acquire a shipment of 

small arms and   plastic explosive.

Shortly after, FBI started to watch Karl and Hana.  Their apartment was 

bugged and telephone tapped.  The agents that were listening to their 

conversations  could not believe the amount of  physical and mental abuse 

Hana who appeared quite sophisticated, received  from Karl.   When FBI found 

that Koechers  sold their apartment and were  ready to skip  USA,  they  

apprehended them and told them if they tell the truth, they  will be allowed 

to leave the country.  After  confessing the Koechers were let go,  however 

on  November 27 1984  a few hours before their departure  for  Zurich,  Karl 

and Hana were arrested and put in jail.

Koecher  had a terrible time in prison. Not only he did not like  their 

cooking but he was  afraid  for his own life.  Twice  a  black muslim 

radical tried to kill him, once with a pair of scissors and the second time 

with a knife made from a can opener. Here he also met  an old Austrian  

hochstapler Oscar LeWinter who was  serving  time for drug trafficking.  

Koecher  hired  lawyer Robert Fierer, whom  he

knew  from  Bat Mitzvah,  to get him and Hana out of jail.   Hana was 

released  on  1.2 million dollars bail,  raised by her friends and  sex  

partners.  Karl also  told  Fierer to go to Prague and talk  with   Hana's 

father,  Josef Pardamec, who was a middle ranking  aparatchik in the 

Communist Party.   Pardamec and Fierer  together approached president Gustav 

Husak for help.  They got Husak's promise that

he will personally take up this matter  with Konstantin Chernenko and the 

whole thing ended up on the desk of  Vladimir Kryuchkov,  the head of 

intelligence at KGB.

Meanwhile U.S lawyer Alan Dershowitz  (famous for defending O.J. Simpson) 

was working with  East German lawyer, Wolfgang Vogel (famous for arranging 

switch of the  U.S. pilot,  Gary Powers with  Soviet spy Rudolph Abel)  for 

a  release of  Jewish rights activist Anatoly Shcharansky  (today Natan 

Sharansky)  who was in  jail.   When K. Cernenko had died and M. Gorbachev 

came in with "glasnost",  things started looking up for refusnik Sharansky.  

  Soviets  finally freed  him and to minimize the  impact,   KGB asked for  

the release of  spies,  Karl and  Hana Koecher,  one other Czech  who was in 

U.S. jail for drug trafficking and falsifying immigration papers and one 

Russian.  With the exemption that the swap  took place on the famous 

Glienicker Bridge where Powers was exchanged for Abel and that Sharansky,  

the human rights activist was finally freed,  there was nothing  famous 

about the other four that entered under the red  Soviet flag with hammer and 

  sickle into East Germany.

Before leaving,  Karl and Hana were stripped of their US citizenship and 

forbidden to ever enter USA again, he was also given life sentence and she 

would be prosecuted for spying if they ever return. In addition, Koechers 

spent 200 000 on lawyers and left behind  another 200 000 dollars worth of 

unpaid legal bills. [CSFR refused to oay on the ground of overcharging - red]

 While Sharansky joined his wife, Avital, in Jerusalem, 

Karl and Hana got hero's welcome from government officials in Prague.  

Koecher got one of senior positions at  the Czechoslovak Academy of 

Sciences, (CSAV), where he worked with future politicians, Mr.Vaclav Klaus 

and Mr.Vladimir Dlouhy.  Also for their dedication to the cause of communism 

, Karl and Hana got from the Communist  Party  and  the State a brand new 

Volvo car and a new villa on outskirts of Prague  in which they live happily 

ever after.

best regards,

Richard C. Smith


From:                 Self 

To:               "Dick Smith" 

Subject:          Re: Koecher is no 007, he is more like Dr.No.

Send reply to:

Date sent:        Wed, 11 Aug 1999 08:13:04 -5

        Dear Mr. Smith:

        Thank you for the information about Koecher. I have the book of Ronald Kessler 

        "Spy vs. spy". I don't know if you understand Czech. My article in the BL was 

        extracted from my archives, which explains the Koecher's age (you pointed out).

        I hope you understand that to enumerate all the details would take a book. 

        I hate overly long articles. My remarks were a supplement background to

        Koecher's involvement NOW in the case of Diana and Fayed tragedy.

        (Also included year 1990 in NYU, 1994 allegation of his work for premier Klaus 

        and 1995 Czech court rejection of a complaint of his wife Hana.)

        Only very few points from my article Koecher denied. You didn't mention the 

        incident Koecher's opposition to Lendl's purchase of a condo at 50 E 89 St, 

        Koecher is denying my ver. That time I was interested in Martina Navratilova 

        residing only one block away where my friend has an apartment on 88 St. and 

        over the park overlooking Koecher's residence purchased with down payment of 

        $10 000 on $40 000 purchase Koecher got from the CSR. (Koecher's success 

        in the US - he is pointing out - was dependent upon support from the soviet block.)

        About his contact with Bella I know since that time I was associated with 

        Bill Ryan (who was contested by Bella) and then managed run of his widowed

        wife Priscilla for the US Congress.

        Perhaps the biggest punishment for Koecher (and similarly others) is that he

        must live in his "villa" in today's Czech Republic (after he tasted the US).



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