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From my NYC neighborhood
The Morningside Hills
by Josef Schrabal

International House.

My the first residence in the United States of Americas (since September 1949) was the (click ==>) International House, 500 Riverside Drive, Morningside Hills, on the island of Manhattan in the City of New York. For more details about (please click HERE

MapI lived there for a couple of months before departing to Chattanooga, Tennessee. - I returned back to New York City in 1952, lived for a couple of months in the Brooklyn Heights, then I got an appartment on the third (top) floor of a town house at West 24th Street.

In 1958 I moved back to this original Morningside Hills neighborhood of mine, just a couple of houses north from the International House>, within the same block at 549 Riverside Driver> wereI am living here since.

I like this neighborhood very much since it reminds me my school days in Paris. These hills of "Morningside Heights" region are full of schools and cultural events. Located as one of the highest points of New York City, overlooking the Hudson River

Sekura Park
(Pavilion on right) Skura Part

Adjoining the International House is a very charming

Located between Riverside church and International House, Sakura Park owes its name to more than 2000 cherry trees delivered to parks in New York City from Japan in 1912. The word "sakura" means "cherry blossom" in Japanese. The cherry trees were to be presented as a gift from the Committee of Japanese Residents of New York as a part of the Hudson-Fulton Celebration in 1909.cherry blossom.

On the West from the Sakura Park and from the International House, the Riverside Drive forms an island. Here is located the

Any of old the Civil War enemies that carried grudges, they set them aside. Grant's pallbearers were Generals William Tecumseh Sherman and Philip Sheridan, who had fought for the Union, and Simon Bolivar Buckner and Joseph Johnston, who had fought for the Confederacy. - Union and Confederate officers in the procession rode together in the same carriages

North-west right behind the Grant's Monument is located a Chinese Chinese plaguememorial. Enclosed by a black fence, this site contains a Chinese-English plaque and a ginko tree planted on behalf of Li Hung Chang, the Chinese viceroy who had met and developed a friendship with Grant during the latter's trip around the world.

Further north-west behind the west of the Riverside Drive, where the slope is discending deeply down into the Westside highway and Hudson River, is another tomb,century older than the Grant's Tomb, small but very interesting of

the click HERE <== Amiable Child

This unique New York City monument marks the site of the few private graves on public land within the five boroughs. It is located north-west, right behind the Grant's Tomb where the site is deeply declining down into the Westside Highway.

The east part of the International House and the Sakura park borders the Claremont Avenue.
Between it and the Broadway (at 120 Claremont Avenue, at 122d Street) is
the (click ==> Manhattan School of Music.
(left) River Church -120th Street- (right) the new Inter Church office building..

South from Sakura Park. between Clarement (no. 91) and Riverside Drive (no. 490) is the

xtending up to 120th Street.Further south, between 120th and 119th Street (lower right of the picture) is the new Inter Church office building.

East, behind the Riverside Church, between Claremont and Broadway,
is the (click ==>) Union Theological Seminary (3041 Broadway)
the (click ==>) Jewish Theological Seminary (3080 Broadway)
and the (click ==>) Inter Church office(475 Riverside Dr.).

Furtber east begins the complex of the

(click ==>) Columbia University
. . . <==> center of Broedway + 116th Street < ==>. . .
. . . extending behind the south 110th Street and the north 135th Street. . .
. . . <===> . . . AND . . .
. . . <=== the west Riverside Drive and ==> the east Morningside.

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