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1655 - First purchase
from Seatalcott Indians by 6 men, later 49, all English immigrants, Puritans from Boston, orig. from Jamaica and Southampton.
First colony: Ashford Puritans

Occupied by 13 Indian tribes, all under control of the Royal Tribe Montaug (friendly - peaceable) - northern part under Seatalcotts and the Patchongs.Over Patchongs was Weneco-heage who was sachem in 1657.
Tabaccus 1664 - 1690.
succeeded himMayhew, removed to the vicinity of East Moriches unto territory of the Patchoug Tribe and gave deed to Richard Woodhull in January 1681-2.

1659 - Brookhaven
applied to be attached to the Colony of Connecticut but was not admitted until May 16, 1661.
This was for mutual assistance for protection against Indians and to resistencroachment of the Dutch.

1664 (Sept)
the English forces the surrender of New Amsterdam from Dutch and established authority of England in New York and Long Island.

1683 was established Suffolk County
under British rule as one of the 12 counties in New York under Royal Governor Thomas Donger by Order of the First NY Colonial Legislature convention.
Seal of the Suffolk County in 1784 by L.I. silversmith Elias Pelletrean.


1727 (Nov.27)
Adam Terrill to Nathaniel Smith and Dvid Dayton, both of Merriches Yeoman, pattentship of Merriches for 48 pounds and 12 shillings (current money of New York).

Nathaniel Smith to John Junsile pattentship of Merriches for 63 pounds and 14 shillings.

Senix Creek (Center Moriches) by property owner's public subscription to "opening up a water communications from Main Street to the Bay by way of svid Creek (Senix)" was completed.

1891 Steamboat "Mosquito"
on Senix Creek: Sloop made weekly round trip to NYC carrying 20 cords of wood.

The Steamer "Senekes". The sailboat "Mattie" of Capt. Sid Smith.

taxpayers petitioned the Town of Brookhaven to purchase the land on the West shore of Senix Creek for Public Park.

1910 (Oct.15)
quickclaim deed by Trustees of Freeholders to Frank N. Evanhoe for $1 right to dig and exvacate channel or waterway leading from Senekes River out into Moriches Bay.

1911 (Jan.)
a deed was recorded to the Town of Brookhaven from Marie D. Bishop of Center Moriches for 1.47 acre for $2500 for this park. The Town later spent $500 to improve this park.

History of Masury Point - Holiday Beach


By patent of Governor Fletcher on the 17th day of 1697, Col. T Dogan Second was granted St. George, Halsley Manor and Mor-riches to Willian Smith, subsequently transferring it to Oliver Smith.

In 1833 Josian Smith transferred the properties to William Penny (recorded T235; R235) and in 1878 the Supreme Court granted it to Jeshua Penny & wife; William Penny Jr. & wife; Henry E. Coe and Saran C. Edwards (formerly Saran Penny & wife) (liber 237, pg. 558)
Then Jeshua Penny and all listed (in liber 297, pg. 100) to John W. Masury and Grace M., his wife.

Then she transferred it from John W. Masury to Edith M(asury). Sturges, the only surviving child.

On November 13, 1953 from Edith M. Sturges to Walter C. Hewitt, subject to a mortgage agreement (Lib. 2142 pg.217) finalized on April 9, 1956 (Lib. 4094, pg. 431).


Gov. Fletcher's Patent dated October 9, 1693 to William Smith, then on May 13, 1790 from him to his wife Ruth (of Manor of St. George) and then
to Trustees of Freeholders and Commonality of the Town of Brookhaven (all the certain Bay or land covered with water and islands herein, beach and meadows) (Lib. 2518 pg. 66)

1805 (Nov.5) Trustees leased to Benjamin Petty, Esq. to build dock into the Bay.

Meeting of the Trustees of the Freeholders of Town of Brookhaven leased for 10 years to William Penny for one dollar paid annually, certain track or parcel under water near Village of Center Moriches for building docks.

1884 (June 3):
Trustees granted privilege of creating Portable Dock of Center Moriches to Ellison Bishop of C.M. for 5 years for $1 annually.

1953 (July 7):
lease from the Trustees to Edith M(asury). Sturges to build dock (Lib. 3560 pg. 314-315)

Josef Schrabal

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