Boating Holiday Beach, LI, NY

In 1955 and for several years after, there was no fence, nor door to the lot A, Holiday Beach. Water at the sandy portion of the beach, facing the Moriches Bay, was fenced because of jelly fish infestation at that time.

As previously stated, the new property owners received from developer Walter C. Hewitt a boating and swimming easement written into the deed. With it, they received instructions just to select a spot at the west moody part of the beach, facing the Mud (Senix) creek, "put there a stake with your name and it will be yours for ever".

Henry Bartels, generally referred to as the father of the Holiday Beach (Property Owner's Association) in his affidavit to the NY Supreme Court on the 7th day of May, 1988 testified:

"As for the boating rights, there was no bulkheading or docks in Seneke Creek. Mr. Hewitt orally stated that you could drive a stake in the mud or the shoreline and attach your boat to it. Thus, this was the original oral grant of bathing and boating right at the Holiday Beach."

I, just as many other new owners that took advantage of explanation of the easement right written into the deed and actually had a boat there, soon I found out that it is very difficult to board
HB stake
The Mud (Senix) Creek side (north) of the Holiday Beach in 1955:
My dog Teddy, boat and stake "Schrabal"

the boat from a primitive dock most of the owners built. They all got together and demanded professional docks.

Both, the developer Hewitt and later the HBPOA had the same answer: "we don't have the money for that" and that it would be unfair to the property owners that haven't boat, to pay for those who exercised the claim and have a boat there. "Build it yourself and pay for it yourself" was the final answer.

So was the Boating Committee formed for those boatowner, to build and maintain the docks completely independent from the HBPOA.

It was established, since the original property and boat owners paid for his portion of the docks, it would be his for as long as he pays also for the actual cost maintenance and improvements. Once he leaves the spot it would be offered to another boat/property owner.

At the beginning, some of the boat owners didn't take advantage of the easement, paying for the (that time) new docks at the Holiday Beach and rather docked their boats behind the clubhouse for which they paid in 1958 $10 for the season to the HBPOA.

The independent Boating Committee built marina and bulkheading in 1963. It was further improved in 1972 by bubble system. Electric outlets and fresh water lines were installed.

Later the capacity was increased by additional floating docks for smaller boats. In 1993 there was 68 slips.

In addition there was (and still is) a boat ramp free of any charge for those lot owners who don't have space at the docks. Originally creek side near the entrance, the ramp was relocated further up where is deeper water for launching.

Small vessels without any power, such as sailboats (Hobie 16' and 14', Sunfish, Sailfish and similar) are left free on the sandy bay side of the beach (after registration with the Boat Committee). Josef Schrabal